You Can change the future of entire world by your power full action.

Although you may not fully understand your purpose, your role is as important as the kings and queens of this planet. Some feel that their temporary lack of wealth or influence makes them powerless to change. But does a watchmaker prefer larger gears than smaller ones? Does the hour hand get jealous in minutes because it turns slightly? Every component plays a role in the operation of the clock. Every part supports those around them in ways they may never see. Your absence can delay the order of the universe, even if you do not see your value

The world began before you and will continue after you, but it will be different because of the decisions you have made.

Each generation inherits the land that was left before it, just as a king inherits his father’s crown. Your pursuit of wisdom and goodness can lay the foundation for your grandson’s resurrection from power – the same offspring that can lead the world to war and save millions of lives. Did the ancestors of Aristotle or Alexander The Great know who their actions would be?

Although you may not fully realize the effects of your actions, the consequences of your devotion to humanity are still yours to make.

As you climb up the great Pyramid looking for light at the top, you will look down and see that you are an integral part of our sophisticated universe machine. While our human members may perish and pass on to the writings of time, the Illuminati will continue to stand forever.