The Pyramid

In the 21st Century, people will need a tremendous focus for Illuminati’s belief that money is not evil. People take the encouragement of work and wealth as the selfish motive and always overlook the true meaning of the pyramid Illuminati and its hidden message that generally motivates the diligence.

At the core of the Illuminati, wealth is not just a means of personal enrichment; instead, it is a powerful tool. A tool used to fulfill the duty to advance the human species.

The selfish consumption of money is a hollow goal, but pursuing the goodness that money can create is one of humanity’s greatest responsibilities.

Having extra money will give an individual power to improve the lives of those in need. For instance, many people have good hearts but aren’t wealthy, and when their friends need their money, all they can provide is moral support rather than monetary support. If the scenario is reversed and the person is wealthy, many alternative doors will open to help friends.

Money is a non-living entity with no feeling, no voice, and soul- it’s a choice of a person on how to use it.

It is not wrong to be poor, and the celebration of poverty is rooted in its selfishness. It is undeniable that a poor person can save a life, but it is a fact that a rich person can build a hospital and can save thousands of lives.

An individual with less money can do a little help, but an individual with a significant amount can help a crowd. The pyramid symbol meaning is divine providence, where God watches over humanity.

A person having less amount of money can still shower their help. Money is paper, and some numbers are transferred for a person’s time and effort. If a person does not have enough money, they can still use their time and hard work to support humanity. The inclusive, positive action in your life is equal to the valuable charitable donations.

Greater the fortune, better the responsibility one can take towards the fellow humans. Just like the Illuminati symbol, a person with power can do the best for the whole crowd and oneself.